to the family

We’re so excited to have you become a part of our family! You’ll find that hosting and meeting people from around the world will be one of the most rewarding gigs you’ll ever have. And it’s simple! You can choose to work any day of the week or any tour. We do everything for you from organizing, scheduling and planning the tours. All you have to do it show up and enjoy the day with your guests. You will love meeting our guests who are international travelers that are happy and excited to spend the day with you and look forward to connecting with you as their local friend. To get you started, here are a few things you should get acquainted with as a host…


We aren’t just your average sightseeing or tour company. We want to give international travelers a unique experience and create a personal connection that they won’t forget. We like to think of ourselves as the matchmakers for meaningful connections between friends. So, just imagine your friends or cousins are in town and you get to show them your city. Communicate and connect with your guests just as you would with your own family and friends. This is why we are so selective in welcoming host into our community. 


Guests. Not a traveler, a tourist, nor a booking. Our guests book with us because we offer value. It's a relationship, it's a connection with you.

Host. You are more than just a tour guide;  you're a knowledgeable local and friend. The day should be relaxed and enjoyable for both of you.



LayoverStop. (one word, Capital L, Capital S) - LayoverStop is a US registered trademark under USPTO number 87823020


We will give you 30 LayoverStop balloons. the red balloon is how you will connect with your guests. It's our unique way of having your guest identify where you are located. We want them to get excited to see the red balloon. It symbolizes happiness and makes us stand out. 

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When possible, offer cold water bottles for every guest and something healthy like banana or fresh apples, those are affordable and very much appreciated. Don't offer nuts due to possible allergy issues, make sure to have a mini trash bag when in the car.


Tips and gratuities

Do not ask for tips (we usually inform your guest that gratuities are optional. Most of the time your guest will tip you so please, keep it cool and professional. We also give out performance bonuses based on reviews.

**Charges and fees**

We never charge our guests a 'per person' fee, we charge a flat hourly rate (for a group of up to 4 guests), which is the typical number of people a regular car can fit. If your car fits more guests, you can charge an add-on for guest number 5-7 (typically, this upgrade is a flat fee of 75$).


Pick up (Car)

All pickups should take place outside the arrival terminal or the hotel. In your car so you don't have to pay for parking,  you can get out to open the trunk if needed. Once in the car ask your guest if they would like to get coffee first, or if they want to eat if they are hungry, and offer some water and snacks. Here are an example of where to place the balloon​.

Drop off  (Car)

Drop off could be at the airport, a hotel, or any other location within the vicinity of the airport. So make sure to plan your tour route accordingly. Make it quick and friendly, and remind your guest to leave a review (this is very important). Guests will write the best review right after their tour so capitalize on that by reminding them to leave you a review. We will also send automated reminders.

Public transportation

  • Wait for your guests inside their arrival terminal with the red balloon visible for a maximum of 45 minutes.

  • Once you find each other, make your way to the station

  • Make sure to deflate the balloon once you find your guests


There is an area on the website where we can offer 'extra services' for your guests to purchase. For instance;


Professional photography

Bigger car, booster seat for children, maybe prepaid transportation day pass etc..


Offer a trip in a gondola or sea taxi for a fee?