LayoverStop started on a 7 hours layover in Istanbul, we wanted to see the city, but didn't feel safe or knew how!

We left the airport ...

Only to discover that Istanbul is a city that wakes up late (around 11:00 AM) All the shops and restaurant on Istiklal street were closed (the main tourist attraction in Istanbul main square). It took around an hour to get from the airport to the city center, Visa and custom were a bit complicated (but that was at the old airport).  Ended up having to walk quite a bit to find an open restaurant. Which was great. But could have been so much better if we went across the sea to the 'other side of Istanbul'. On the flight back to Los Angeles we wrote a one page site offering layover tours to travelers on long layovers at LAX. Within a month, we received 3 bookings, then 10, then 30, 3 months after that, LayoverStop became a licensed travel agent with an office by LAX and a registered U.S trademark . 



We are 

     a passion-packed all women startup

Reham is the chief visionary officer of LayoverStop. She came up with LayoverStop as a business idea and she is the driving force behind the vision. She is serial entrepreneur very passionate about making every guest's experience the best it could be. And enjoys getting to know every single host in every city.

Co-founder, host & CEO

Reham Alsharif

Jennifer is leading our partnership PR and hosting community relations.

COO- Host Relations

Jennifer Crawford

Mona is the first investor and believer in LayoverStop. She was also our first host. 


Mona Hamzeh

Red is our first public-facing employee. He's been with us since day one. You'll find Red with every host and is at every welcome to a new city.

Head of Sales

Balloon Red

What makes LayoverStop


For short hours, you'll feel like you've seen a lot, you will be matched with a verified host who'll meet you anywhere; a hotel, an airport, a train or cruise  terminal and you will be taken to landmarks that are tailored  to your time and interest.

Our hosts are friendly, educated, and enthusiastic. We share our cars, local knowledge, and we KNOW what to do and where to go.

You will have our full attention and you will be treated as a friend, not a customer.

We charge a flat hourly rate, for up to a group of 4 guests (never per person) so go ahead and invite others to share the cost with.

We customize our tours to your preference

 We are not ...

  • A 'bus-tour company'

  • Running on a schedule

  • We are not 'stuffy'; this means you will not share your time with others

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