LAX Layover Guide | What to do and where to go.

So you have a long layover in LAX for some odd hours and you're thinking of getting outside to check out what L.A has to offer.

Great Idea!

Los Angeles' International Terminal (i.e. Tom Bradley) or terminal B, offers a lot of great food, coffee, and overpriced duty free stuff that you don't really need. Airport layover tours are not available in Los Angeles International Airport. and that is my dear traveller what you really need! A complete immersion into the city of dreams, the La La land of the world, and the home of the most inspirational movies that shaped our lives. You can do that, with a local, verified, friendly hostess!

In order to see what the city has to offer, you need to decide what kind of experience you want from L.A. otherwise it will get overwhelmingly difficult to navigate. L.A is HUGE, extremely diversified, and painfully congested. You might want to experience the amazing stretch of beaches, maybe do some shopping, maybe visit Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive and Star homes... you name it! So to put things in a 'local' perspective, we consolidated this layover guide to sightseeing in Los Angeles on a 6 to 7 hours layover, based on the type of experience you want...

Hollywood, The Walk of Fame [the most requested tour]

If this is what you crave to see on your layover, then here is what our community recommends...

First stop: Hollywood Walk of Fame | Plan for 2 - 3 hour

This stop is full of places of interests that you want to take a selfie with. Madam Trussause, TCL Chinese theater, Dolby Theater, The stars walk of Fame, Roosevelt Hotel, and of course, taking a picture with the Hollywood Sign from afar.

Second stop: Hollywood Sign | Plan for 1 hour

There are two ways to get to the Hollywood sign. One option is to take a selfie with the sign far behind you while visiting Griffith Observatory. You will drive up through Griffith Park (one of the largest urban parks in North America, 5 times bigger than New Yorks' Central Park!) Until you reach Griffith Observatory, If you're lucky, you could hear a music concert from the adjourning Greek Theater. Don't miss out on the view of the entire city of Los Angeles from the East side of the Observatory. It is free to enter, walk around, and enjoy the scenery. You MUST check it out.

High Life, Rich and Famous, and really good Ice Cream

If shopping is what tickles your fancy, you're in luck. Beverly Hills is the center of luxury shoping in L.A, Your best bet is to take an Uber or Lyft ride to Rodeo Drive, walk around, check out the list of luxury stores and while you're at it, why not try out Amorino Gelato?

Sun and Beaches

This should be easy for those of you interested in soaking up the everlasting California sun-drenched beaches. Los Angeles international airport is close to the west side of the city, i.e close to the pacific and the amazing stretch of beaches, your best bet is to take a ride to Santa Monica Pier. Walk 3rd street Promenade, eat, walk the pier, drink , enjoy the sun, take a towel and lay on the hot sand. You could rent a beach cruiser and bike the strand to Venice Beach, one of the few beaches in california where people get together at sunset on an escalating drum circle that leaves you gasping for more moments like these, it is one of a lifetime experience that is highly recommend it. Check out the details in this Venice Beach drum circle tour.

To conclude, you MUST take advantage and get outside the airport. It it doesn't take much to celebrate the diversity of this city and what you get to see will take your breath away. Think of LayoverStop as your local friend, a really good friend :)

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