Renting a car for a day at LAX? Think again!

A lot of folks ask if it is worth it to rent a car on a layover at LAX, here is what you need to know. First of all, yes, of course you can rent a car for 24 hours, but here is why you shouldn't;

Parking in LA is expensive, if you find a spot that is!

Traffic will waste your time and will get you even more frustrated

You need to have insurance added to your rental (of course) it will cost a bit more

You will waste about an hour- 2 hours (depending on the waiting time at the car rental place) picking up and dropping off the car. There are no rental counters at the airport, you will have to take a shuttle to the car rental place.

Why waste your time and money, and get frustrated when we can pick you up from the terminal, take you around to see everything you want, and then drop you back at the airport in time for your next flight? Check out our packages .

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