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                                  Meet Daniel

It is my pleasure to show you the London I know and love. This is the most exciting city in the world and one of the most liveable. London is full of amazing stories, tremendous history, and great new developments designed with people in mind.

The best way to explore London is to walk and I love to walk the city pointing out what you’re seeing and bringing those stories to life.

I’m an official tour guide for two inner-city boroughs, I have lived in London for 30 years, and I have an art and history background. I currently work in a major central London gallery and have worked in many of the best museums.


Your Layover Stop with me may include, if you like, a private tour of the British Museum, the National Gallery or any other heritage site.

I know all the neighbourhoods,  the best shops and restaurants, and I have a special interest in pubs both new and historic. You might have guessed by now that on my tour you will learn the history of London in a really fun and very engaging way.  

I hope that, by the end of the day, you will be excited for your next visit in London. 

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